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Challenge Ideas

Get an empty picture frame and place yourself inside.

Ever seen those crazy pictures of your friends trying to act like they are in a museum? Well, stand on the sidelines no more with the picture this challenge.

Get an empty picture frame, put it around your face, and have a friend take a picture of you!

Bonus points for mimicking a famous artwork. (the mona lisa, american gothic, etc.)

This idea will become the next challenge in .
Talk on the telephone using something that is not a telephone.

Answer the lobster telephone. Answer the banana telephone. Whatever telephone.

Hug a tree without remorse.

Snap a photo of yourself hugging a tree.

Dramatically hand someone a sock.

Mix it up, and if you're daring, use two socks.

Fit a many rings on your hands as you can.

Extra points for ring pops an hobbits feet.

Shower or bathe nevernude style!

Take a picture of yourself showering or taking a bath fully clothed. Bonus points for lathering up and/or wearing jean cut offs.

Steal a chair!

Steal a chair from your friend right before he/she sits down.

Yell 5 mildly awkward facts about yourself in a public place.

More people and more awkwardness = more high fives!

When you get a new car, and ya feelin' like a star, what you gon do?

Throw your vehicle into drive and make it look as though a translucent being with unfinished business is operating it. Then ride on top, or dance along side it. Preferably a little of both.

Meditate on a strangers truck like you don't give a f**k.

Obtain photographic evidence of you locked into some sort of yoga pose on the opened back hatch of a stranger's pickup truck. Don't get shot.

Put a cherry on top of a top hat on top of your head.

Hilarious! Creative! Brilliant!

Find something off the ground and simply be the plank!

Hang the upper part of your body off the edge of something off the ground. Don't be the plank that breaks.

Nice... ahem, collection you got there.

Take a picture or display video of yourself proudly displaying an odd and/or culturally not quite on the up&up collection of something no one in their right mind would generally have a collection of (ex. salt shakers) in public. Must see someone reacting to it in the submitted material. Bonus if you're pointing to it with a cane.

Kick back, relax, and take a little nap at work.

Most of us wouldn't dare sleep at work (well, some of us), but this a challenge is for all of you go-getters to take a quick snooze on the clock in your place of work. And while you're at it, snap a pic to prove it, get those points, and be proud because it is pretty damn cool in a school-is-for-losers kind of way.

Play rock paper scissors with a cop, or someone cop-like.

Don't impersonate a police officer! That's a crime! I think!

hold an animal or plant like simba.

in the kion king when simba is presented to the pride do that

Snap a well-timed mid-air jump, in religious cultish garb.

Secret societies mask their identities. Floating takes concentration, and the joining of hands in a large circle.

Get one of your mounted dear heads and kiss it

Find a deer head it doesn't have to be yours and kiss it right on the lips and act like you love it!

Dress in a Halloween costume and walk around town casually wearing it.

Halloween is early! Get that costume out of the basement, and wear it everywhere you go! Take pictures of you wearing it in different places.

Go up to a random person and talk with your eyes shut.

Walk up to a stranger and talk to them with your eyes shut...

Every week, the collective force of democracy decides what's cool for next week's challenge.

Add an idea of your own, get a Coolpoints200 bonus if it wins.

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