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About All This

Coolpoints is a place for those who do, those who make, build, and create.

It's one part game and one part – dare we say – social experiment.

We want to build a place where doing something creative builds you digital respect. We reject the importance of fans, followers, viewers, likes or any other kind of frivolous electronic enumeration of clout. These things don't mean anything.

So we thought what if all that fake middle-school lunchroom drama was actually about being as creative as you can. A place where your friends and ours can work together in fierce, friendly competition, but mostly to just have a really damn fun time.

This is about legwork, about getting outside and competing in fun, creative challenges, contests, and experiences with your friends. The key is to stop sitting in front of the computer and to start putting yourself out there and do things you might not ordinarily do. It's a game that evolves and molds itself to you.

Here's our manifesto. These are the only real rules you'll ever see around here. Everything else is flexible.

  1. Live Creatively

    You're really good at something. You know what it is. Use it.

  2. Social Happens Offline

    This is not a social-networking website. This is, in fact, the opposite. We encourage the activities people will talk about, not the talk about the activities.

  3. Better Safe Than Sorry

    There are many risks around here, but they're all for your ego – and all in good fun. This is not a physical challenge. Do not fall off of a building, or break into a house, or die. That won’t impress anyone and will make us sad.

  4. This Is For You

    This whole thing here, this is all about you. Tell us what you like and don't. We'll change it, improve it, tune it, shine it, and say thank you.

  5. Never Look A Monkey In The Eye

    Trust me.

That said, where do you want to go with this?



Wil Gieseler